How To Choose The Best eCommerce Website Development Company

14 October 2020 By Dream World Technologies

At the present day most of vendors have shops online as this enables one to reach customer across geographical bounds. If you prefer to develop your eCommerce Website. As we are the Best eCommerce Websites Development company can escalcate our customers and lift your profits and also we are sure to be experience certain privileges . We will assist you to boost up the online revenue and change the visitors into vendors .We caters E- commerce development to ensure you highly in conversation rates . Our passionate expert team of eCommerce website developers built the most advanced accessible and excellent eCommerce Web Portal . We keep ourself fully equipped with all the modern technologies for hassle-free payment integration as well. We combine your website with social media to assist users communicate with you online. Our efficient team of eCommerce developers can deliver strong and malleable eCommerce solution with clear code, pixel perfect design conversion and responsive designs.

Accessible theme

Your website and application requisites to be like a proffessional, modern day and relaiable. Themes add up colors and charm to the websites. We proffers the excellent quality and accessible themes for your websites consistent with all screen sizes.


security of E- commerce Websites and application play significant role in e- commerce. As the best E-commerce development Company we make sure that we should take care of secure customer informations, secure payment transaction and assist you to provide more tight- security related to online threats.

Affordable cost

We provide you the splendid service that promise you to deliver an cost effective and quality -based services.

Skillfull Professionals

We have an efficient team of qualified eCommerce SEO professional to make your website reach millions of users rapidly . We also assist with google post advertising and gradually increase product branding.


Our crew experts are talented at providing the excellent and also presents a quality website interfaces that capture the essence of your business goals and value proposition .


How To Choose The Best eCommerce Website Development CompanyHow To Choose The eCommerce Development Company

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

19 October 2020 By Dream World Technologies

In the present era, mobile apps are doing the eminent role in every one's life. In allover the world nowdays, mobile apps is getting observed and creating a big attention each and every year. India is an advancement in a rapid rate in the mobile app development market because of the fast emerging smartphones and network integration. Plurality of the Mobile App Development Company are now adopting exclusive and create mobile apps that are functioning to the perfection. Now in this highly challenging situation, it’s very tough to find an perfect business partner for mobile app development that gives user-centric services.

With the strong proficiency and knowledge of seasoned developers, Even they proffers as world cost effective on custom software website solution. We pursuit the perfect solutions that drive progress. Holding well profounded in mobile development. Incorporate the best of both worlds, they build cross-platform hybrid applications and react native with rich functionality.

Specification to Search

You have to look for some specification to seek out the best mobile app development company. For this you have to lists out some mobile app development companies based on the aspects like rating of reviews agencies, clients, satisfaction, USP's, costs and quality of services.

You have to look after various qualification while choosing a mobile app development company.

We provide you certain percepts below

  • Look through portfolio
  • search for its references
  • Concern with MVP development
  • Presents security in all aspects
  • Check for its distribution commitments

IOS Service

IOS service are the top class services for the mobile app development features. these services are more trustworthy and real.

Hybird App Development

Hybird App Services are referred when the platforms like java, CSS, HTML5 and so on are created and maintain to build a fascinating website .It is generally a cross platform app which requisites years of expertness and involvement in hybrid app development.

Android App Development

As the best in Android app development compan, We will address your distinct requisities and proffers a custom-built services to satisfy those needs.Usuage of the latest Andriod SDK'S , we create a top-quality users interface for your company.

As the leading Mobile App development Company, they should be splendid in developing mobile application development, IOS development, flutter framework, ionic framework, and react native by using innovative multiple programming language, and also expert in proffers effectiveness in cross platform development and additional skills.


As the Best Mobile App Development our goal is to extend and complements our client's efficiency. We commit to cost proficiency, top- class quality and realiable time management. We provide our best that always above the expectation of clients.


How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development CompanyHow to choose the Top Mobile Application Development Company

Why is Android App Development is Important For Your Business Growth

02 November 2020 By Dream World Technologies

In Todays world , most of the internet devices like the usual desktop and laptop computers will get replace with mobile devices. Thus to survive in the latest market place you need the right mobile apps. When it comes to Mobile App Development android is one of the most trending and globally used open source platform for most mobile devices. Thus with the right Android app you can bring forth a sea change in your business and leverage growth multi fold at low costs. Most important, the need for digital presence of your business is one of the primary require if you wish to escalate and thrive in the challenging market. With the ample accessibility of smartphones, clients are more likely to look you up on the internet before they even visit you .While websites and social media pages are simple to create and can be done even by non-professionals but , apps are not as easy as to create (till now) and so you need to look for an app development company which can create a useful app based to the specifics of your business.

Nowadays there is a fleeting growth in sales of Android-based smartphones and devices has triggered a market for application development which is getting expand more and more. Android App Development is the core option for many businesses, as it facilitate the growth of business with mediocre investments. A business can create Android app for convenient of customers. There are varoius aspects of consumer interaction that can be done with the assistance of mobile app. Services utilized by people on desktop can be available in mobile app which makes it very facile to use.

Developing Android App has become more important for businesses. Apps developed by Android App Development Company are considered as the crowning point of Android OS or smartphones.


There are so many compelling reasons for the high popular of Android App development. They are

  • Android requires lesser investment
  • Android is open source
  • Android is easy to assimilate and customize
  • Android is based upon java which is already very famous
  • Android has ameliorated security
  • Reduce time to market
  • Aim for innovation
  • Convenience of customers
  • Increasing Revenue and Sales


In the current competitive market condition, it is tough to retain in the market with the same business strategy. And so, a business requisites a Mobile Application to go with the flow and to generate adequate revenue. In specific, online presence in the form of a Andriod App Development will help the business reach its maximum target audience easily.


Android App Development Company in TrichyAndroid App Development Company in ChennaiAndroid App Development Company in BangaloreAndroid App Development Company in Delhi

What Makes For an Effective eCommerce Website Designing

05 November 2020 By Dream World Technologies

When it comes to e-Commerce Websites, good design stands for more than mere gracefull. It stands for maximum user contentment, effectual information delivery, successful brand building and assured reliability. It exemplifies for a flawless and engaging shopping experience across all platforms in an multi-channel sales environment, anyhow it relies on responsive, native or adaptive design approaches. And most significantly, it stands for customized business success.

While comparing e-commerce partners, Our designers are expertize in developing websites that are not only visually attractive even more that support existing brands across a variety of channels promoting brand awareness and escalcating revenue generation. e-Commerce Website is one that proficiently sells your products successfully, has value for your clients to make them recurring customers and brings congestion from even those who don’t really want to buy products but who are great potential clients.

Ecommerce Web Design

The world has seen a great deal of progression in ways of conducting business over the past two decades. Commercial organizations have eminently evolved in terms of how they operate. They have set up online websites where they create their brand around their products and services and key customers. This is called eCommerce. The world's prominent retail chains like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. are focusing on how to contrive effective E-Commerce Website design. E-Commerce Web design has changed the way business serve their customers. Ecommerce Websites design like many other attributes of technological development pursue to evolve and the growing technologies drives the way we shop online and conduct online transaction.

Here are some of the elements of eCommerce website design that are must-have for any developing online business. There are some of the key aspects makes a effective E-Commerce Website design.

  • An E-commerce sites should establish a solid brand identity
  • An E-commerce sites should be designed keeping in mind their visitors
  • An E-commerce site should include colours that relate to its products/services
  • An E-commerce sites should have short and crisp content and High-standard images
  • An E-commerce sites should use responsive website design to cater across all platforms
  • An E-commerce sites should have a clear-cut site architecture with classification
  • An E-commerce sites should be secure

Having a ecommerce website development that allows you to say what you want to say in a matter of minutes is key. Having a alluring banners that speaks your ideas, gives out insights on offers, and renders promotions for the brands you sell should be very significant to the customers those who trust your E-Commerce Website design with. Hence, We hope that the tips above will help make your effective E-Commerce Website design the perfect go-to page for prospective buyers.

eCommerce Website Designing Company in TrichyBest eCommerce Web Designing Company in TrichyTop eCommerce Website Development Company in Trichy

Why You Need to Have a Mobile Friendly Website For A Business

26 November 2020 By Dream World Technologies

Mobile friendliness is the most significant for any business website, as you have to consent the fact that user mostly use their mobile phones to seek , shop or read anything. They try to evade sitting on desktops or laptops to browse the internet when they have every little thing that accessible on their mobile phones . It cannot be spurned that it is a mobile age and mobile phones have made things simple to attain.

There is a enormous market using mobile devices now. Nowdays more than billions of people were use the mobile devices to access information online all around the world. With a majority of business and purchasing undertaking were happening on the mobile, You easily cannot rely on desktop-oriented sites and but you can hope for an immense business development.

A website acts as an recognition for your business or brand . Your website should be a available to all users so that they can look your products or services online . If your website is not easy to access, then you could lose out a huge number of potential buyers. Moreover due to the relentless use of mobile devices, it is very essential for a business to build a mobile- friendly website for ever. Furthermost , you should perceive that google also optate mobile friendly website and grade those websites higher in the search engine outcome pages. Therefore Mobile-friendly website is exceedingly neccessary for your business so user can look the content easily.

It doesn't matter what your business niche is , the market is certainly present on mobile platforms. A mobile -friendly site enables you to aim consumers to enhance and distribute services or products . To get the most unique of your website , you requisite to contact a most proficient and excellent 'Dream World Technologies ' website design company and acquire your website examined and assessed for mobile compatibility.

Here are the topmost reasons for the online presence why you should have a mobile-friendly website for your business

  • A constant increase of mobile usage
  • Google is supporting mobile-friendly sites
  • Grabs the attention of your user experience
  • Better Browsing Experience for Visitors
  • Promote social media opportunities
  • Economical online presence
  • Greater conversion rate and sales
  • Build your site future accessible
  • Proffers a competing edge
  • Create Connection with Customers Better


We believe that you are aware of the prominent reasons why you should have a Mobile-friendly Website and this will convincing you to make assure you have got eachthing covered. If your website is deficient then you should join with proficient Web Design Company Dream World Technologies to create your website more accessible.

Top 10 SEO Techniques You Need To Know In 2020

30 November 2020 By Dream World Technologies

The objective of building a website is to ranks first on the google pages in digital marketing. There are a abundant ways to ranking the charts with numerous SEO techniques. Whether,if you create the website with basal seo knowledge then you have higher possibilities to rank first on the search engine outcomes. SEO performs a essential role in building up your traffic and produces brand awareness. We are so much dependent to the finger tips information, every day billion of peoples were searching for the information. This is only attainable because of the techniques of SEO.

While you work in a opposing sector, you require to be doing additional than the basal to obtain the SEO success. If you want to obtain your organic search approach to drive business updrade , escalate traffic and safe more conversation as you requisite to take your strategy to the another level. Certainly, you may early be use variety of these innovative strategy, but we are delicately sure that even then you'll discover at least a some new strategy to try out. Generally, these strategy are hoping that you are working on the present sites or that you have resources accessible to assist with the execute.

To stay in touch with varying trends, business must renovate their knowledge about SEO strategies. To assist you in this progress, we provide you few tips associated to advance SEO strategies, Hereafter which can develop your future business ready.

  • Improved optimization speed.
  • Construct a mobile friendly website.
  • Usage of the right keywords in your images.
  • Develop & publish unique content constantly to upgrade your rankings.
  • Usage of only readable and meaningful URLs.
  • Provide a unique and pertinent meta descriptions for every page.
  • Enhance User Experience Across Your Complete Site.
  • Focus on Local Searchers with Local Landing Pages and Listings.
  • Add schema markup to pertinent pages.
  • Connect your site to Google Search Console.


In Trichy, "Dream World technologies "are the excellent SEO consulting services that we provide you with an skilled SEO specialist. We also proffers SEO services if you are searching for a ensuing partner to guide and manage your company s SEO. There are the numerous of SEO strategies that you can use to develop your ranking but these techniques are actionable and easy to use.

How to choose the right Web Development Company

07 December 2020 By Dream World Technologies

In the present world, each and every business right now requires an alluring website to boost. Each and every business requires a website in order to optimize its potential . But without the neccessary skills to design and build your own web platform , But you're going to require the services of a Web Development Company.

Experiencing that a website is an significant role for each and every business, We are going back of web development companies for the excellent website for our business. That assists to drive people into your business in a fascinating, eminent and convenient website. In some cases you may require to spend a more time to choose the best Web Development Company but it is good. Choosing a company later doing detail analyse about various web development companies will assist you to ensure with an alluring website.

Web development is a protracted process and it takes as much as extensive time to excute a project effectively . Moreover , when you providing the web development project to a company, it's very significant that they deliver the website the way you preferred and deserve. So, it’s imposed to be cautious in your choice of company. here we give out some covers some tips that will assist you in choosing the right Web Development Company.

There are five most essential factors to consider when you are choosing the right Web Development Company.

Have a look at company’s work portfolio

Access the experience of an e-commerce crew is the central point of view, that future website owner should do. Knowing the specialty of e-commerce team will assist you to comprehends whether this agency can satisfy your requisites toward the forthcoming project. While looking over the portfolio, you will valuate the performance and usability of their live projects, estimate the development skills.

Decide your compatibility

When you engage a Web Development Company, you are engaging a technology partner. This co-partner will likely be part of your business for long years, they given you a fantastic service. Become familiar with who you are engage for this long-term relationship. While the quality and efficiency of their work is surely to be consider.

Check out the quality of the company’s website

You can grasp more about the high-quality standards of the e-commerce crew by finding their overall digital presence. Therefore, you require to examine their social media profile, website, and content.

Professional Team

You able to even think of taking interviews of the developers of the company you are trying to select so that you could know their skills and technical know-how in before evading any later issues.


You can able to differentiate the cost offered by another competent in the market and realize who's pricing is best fits to your pocket and are reliable to present you a worthy of each and every buck you have spent on them. Web development pricing run based on the fixed,to hourly.even some companies have rated the price based on their type of person who do the work.

We tried our best in exploring the best factors to kept in mind while choosing the suitable Web Development Company for the business.

Top 10 Enterprise Tools For Cross Platform Mobile Development

24 December 2020 By Dream World Technologies

In the present world mobile phones are took vital role in our everyday in our life, and there are lot of technology changes brought in the way we live. Mobile apps are more accessible and they are making a impression on so many business in the country as well as in globally. I trust that everybody knows that the mobile phones are very important and essential part in our lives. Nowdays peoples are widely using their smart phones for searching, acquiring knowledge, shopping, entertainment and many more. Therefore using of mobile phones are rapidly escalating nowdays.

Now, you know that how mobile app is significant for your business lead. Mobile Apps is the base for the business in a various ways, enables clients to drive data, do payments and commune with local business. Companies represent intuition from the clients data, which really assist you to comprehends the clients requisites and make a approach to employ much more clients. In order to accomplish and get profitable in the mobile app development business. You should require to work with Top-Mobile App Development Companies in order to make a client-friendly app, fascinate clients and escalate clients reliability to be apt for your business.

When there is a inflated demand for any services, who can satisfy the needs are also plenteous. Absolutely everyone speaks shout at the superior of their voices to allure the clients, which creates it hard for businesses to identify the greatest one. In some cases they may select the un-skilled one.

In the past years, the need for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools has inflated greatly. With the raised requirements, many mobile app developers are more tending to create a cross-paltform application over variety of mobile app. There are so many various tools to select from. But it is the difficult to choose the best among different development tools.

There are four characteristics that you require to examine while choosing the right tool.

  • Framework risk
  • Speed features
  • Expansion cost
  • Feature hold

Before we go intensive with the best cross-platform mobile development tools, it is good to know some essentials like what is cross platform development and some significant information related to cross platform app development. Based on the characteristics specified above, I have stated the Top 10 Enterprise Tools For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap(Apache Cordova)
  • Sencha
  • Appcelerator
  • 5app
  • Kony
  • Nativescript
  • Alpha Anywhere (Alpha Software)
  • Rhomobile
  • Convertigo


To create an apt and effective mobile app, you require to identify the right Mobile App Development tools. "Dream World Technologies" proffers you the complete modern framework with lasting and great knowledge of more than a decade. Apart from cross-platform solutions for the enterprises, we also have well- skilled in IOS App Development and Android App Development.

Best Web Design Trends That Helps People Value Your Business

04 January 2021 By Dream World Technologies

In the realm of technologies, mostly each and every business has a website to enhance their business growth. But many times businesses fail to comprehends that having a website is not sufficient, the business website should be accessible in order to allure visitors and change it into marketing.

Today, we are in the digital world, we can purchase everything in online options. Consequently, there comes the significant of proficient and expressive website. Generally website palys vital role of access connectivity between the customer and the company. A customer can knows the distinct of good and worst websites basis on its accessible and graphic user interface. Website Design is one of the most substantial for the businesses to market in online. Therefore website designers should know how to improve the webpage by clients desires.

Generally, this trends says that the web design colors of 2021 are designing the larger areas of reality. Though you can put up your site at the design of frontline and SEO by including few of these creative website elements and aspects. While we all know that websites are the mainstays for each and every business that build a ideal position in their industry, just higher than a easy web design it should be a innovative online individuality. The realm of web design doesn't end it keeps always changing with latest trends and progress to create a website in a new method. As the Best Web Designing Company in Trichy "Dream World Technologies". We have formulated a list including the major trends that makes the Web Designing Services.

  • Website Load Time and Page Speed Are duke
  • Load Smart Content for a More Delightful User Experience
  • Human-centric Design
  • User-friendliness and Approachability
  • Virtual Reality
  • Micro Interactions
  • Micro Animation
  • Voice-Activated Interface
  • Theme-basis layout and visual imagery
  • Latest Luminous Color Schemes


There are lot of ways to market your business products and be easily reached to a extensive a customer group. Web Design is the most important on how the eminent products can attain the customer eyes and capture their interest. Therefore being attentive of those Latest Trends of Web Designing and using the most relevant to your website that is effective for your business growth.

Why Are Web Applications Considered A Must In Today‘s Business

08 January 2021 By Dream World Technologies

Because of Digital switch-over greater than billion web company has many efforts are try to develop a standard on the website development business but only some can acheived in their web presence and existing in these business. The web context needs greatly excited web pages with foremost interactive and alluring website. Nowdays customized solutions are treated to be the salvation for digital businesses. Web Application Development is the process of application programs that survive in remote servers and are shipped to the user’s device over the Internet. Web Application Development has bulit a assured and static holding on cloud nine recently. The expansion of Web application development has provided numerous finer strategies of performing business, developing profits and progress into new markets. Web applications exploit the interactive character of the website to transmit interactive as well as customized services to your customer with a more intricate user experience differed with traditional websites. The interactive nature of the Web Applications assist to improve your incomes and business revelation.

It is crucial for all businesses to have an online presence for an escalation beyond boundaries. The greatest way to have online presence is the web applications which play a essential role for the business in its total development and market penetration. Nearly all businesses these days use web applications to execute their business operations varying from invoicing, accounting or other work functions. In Trichy, "Dream World Technologies" examine few of the core advantages of Web Applications for business and how it can improve up your business revenue.

  • Affordable Solution
  • Proficiency
  • Customised and Scalable
  • Greater level of Security
  • Cross-Platform Ability
  • 24*7 Availability
  • High-speed Installation
  • Integrability
  • Flexible to increased workload
  • Easy to maintenance


Obviously, Web Application Development is becoming an significant part of the business and attaining famous because of the efficacy and improved user experience they are getting to all the business. Web application development has escalated the development of a virtual business market like a real market. Web applications are making a better business plans and policies to smoothen the business ideas to attain effectiveness and success for all. So, usage of web application for your business creates the system more accessible and attaining like never before.

Why Choosing The Best Web Hosting Is Crucial For Your Business

19 January 2021 By Dream World Technologies

Nowadays each and every website require hosting. In order to get your site online, you’ll require to access to a physical server probably in the world to store its files. With a hosting plan, you are engaging space on a server to use for your website. Web hosting is the process of developing a website accessible to the public worldwide. Web hosting security is a essential element to any business that has its operation online. As a business owner, you have to recognize the influence of security of your site.

Web Hosting is a service that renders the technologies required for a website to be accessed on the internet. Web hosting services work by loading your website files in effective web servers associated with a quick network. When someone enters your web address, the internet interfaces with the web server maintaining your website files and later they replaces your website data back to their computer. From that point, people can surf and see the pages of your site. It is essential to pick a best and reliable Web hosting company to assurance that your website remains secured and available all year round.

Many businesses always making the mistake of selecting a wrong web hosts. Perhaps one reason for this is that most of them think that it doesn’t matter and it won’t affect their revenue. In fact, it is quite the opposite. When you are developing a website, your aim is highly to have as many visitor as you can handle. In order for your website to run proficiently, it must have better web host. Getting a poor web hosting can be harmful for your website and can even damage the esteem of your business.

To be accomplished in business in the 21st century, neverthless of what the business is, an online presence is surely important. As a more number of organizations start looking on enhancing their online presence, web hosting becomes an even more essential resource. Obviously, the web hosting industry keep growing as much as businesses recognize the significance of high server security and renders a continous support, but it is very important while selecting the right web hosting company is crucial for the future business. Here "Dream World Technologies" suggest few basis to while choosing the Best Website Hosting

  • Site speed and functionality
  • High Reliability and Uptime
  • Better protection and security
  • Domain Management Tools
  • Prevent potential loss of revenue
  • Scale your Traffic
  • Customer support matters
  • Storage and bandwidth
  • Developing business requires Scalability
  • Your website requires to be dependable


Every business should be backed up by a reliable web hosting. The Best Web hosting can take your requisites and give you room to develop and expand. selecting one of our host plans of "Dream World Technologies" and arise creating a efective, successful online presence today.

Why is Flutter adored by developers over other frameworks

26 January 2021 By Dream World Technologies

The technology requires an potential which can be manipulated in the utmost benefit of the business. It's very difficult for the entrepreneurs to adopt at latest technology, Unless the technology works at favor of their business. Here, Flutter is a free, open-source UI toolkit mobile app development framework evolved by Google for advancing a cross-platform apps by using a solitary codebase used by developers and Organizations. Google uses dart programming language eke out a flutter app. Contemporarily Flutter is used for casting a exquisite and top-notch native interfaces on iOS, Android and web platforms.

Facets of Flutter

  • Dart platform
  • Flutter engine
  • Design-specific widgets
  • It constitutes smart and modernistic react-style framework, rapid gadgets, and development tools.
  • According to your needs it provides an immense support for the production of personalized interfaces with quintessential themes and preferences.
  • It has magnificent and efficient portable GPU rendering UI power that permits it to work on the modernistic interfaces.

Flutter is a Google framework for creating a Stupendous native interfaces on Android and iOS. Flutter acts with present code and used by the designers in the coding, the utmost advantage is it is costless and open-source used by all over ubiquitous. Moreover, the premier version of flutter was codenamed by "sky" and ran on the Android operating system. There are most talented developers who would like to extend the capacity of application based on flutter framework because there are lots of startups or organization who needs their organization wants to developed with affordable cost, for that here's come flutter framework. Flutter Framework endows an amazing UX and UI with cross-platform development.

Here, we enlivened our team of professionals to grasp this technology splendidly. Due to its boundless demand, we make them to learned this technology well and have to dispatched infinite of applications. Being the Best Flutter Framework development Company in Trichy, we provide our best at each parts, and our Flutter App developers they undertake everything with exquisiteness. we are in the process of bestowing a functional quality-rich mobile apps based on consumer demands to help businesses of all over the universe due to the ductility of the Flutter framework to rise the capability of android and IOS applications. We are the topmost user-friendly Flutter app development service contributor our clienteles desire us for developing the edge of personalized applications which can be bounding with customers obliges and needs and fond of insert each and every functionality that is predicted with our adroit abilities of Flutter app developers.

Nowadays, Flutter is predominantly focused on providing a mobile apps for Android and iOS but it’s perennial vision sets are exclude from the latest mobile frameworks. Flutter is just a complete SDK for developing apps that act together using a screen and not just a framework. It defines that the flutter includes everything needed to build a user interface, contains the renderer and things to be rendered. Furthermore, Designers have great ideas but by the time they are finally implemented, everything is creatively reduced due to the toolkit limitations. Mobile applications are developed in the Flutter is used to helps you to go by your developers perception and to contrive their vision as much customers required. Here, Dream World Technologies is recognized as the uttermost flutter framework app development company in Trichy. Flutter is unique, only because it has a slight layer of C/C++ code. It accomplishes all of the systems in Dart language, which developers can easily approach everything.


So that we prefer flutter other than other frameworks. We expect that you are now much clear about what is all the advantages about Flutter and why it has been gaining a much recognition in recent days. Flutter app development service aids to cost-effective, speeds up time-to-market and provides creative freedom to apply your innovations in the application without any awkward.

How can eCommerce Create Opportunities in COVID-19 Second Wave?

01 July 2021 By DreamWorld Technologies

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Later, it spread throughout the world including India. The first case in India was reported on January 27, 2020, in Kerala. This global burden redefined our everyday lifestyle, education, employment, environment and almost everything around us.

In India, almost 53% of businesses have shut down due to the impact of Coronavirus and unemployment at a rate of 26%. The economic stress will grow rapidly, and while lockdown and social distancing result in a decrease of positive cases, but on the other hand, productivity loss leads to a collapse of economic activity.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can be a history, they have the potential to create jobs in coming years. The MSME sector in India is the second-largest employment generator after the agriculture sector and acts as a growing ground for entrepreneurs and innovators with support in strengthening the business and economic ecosystem. In the second wave of covid the productivity rate has increased and had a hike in unemployment raised to 10%. Not only the enterprises but also the consumers too faced lower disposable income. By making it more conductive and transparent for all stakeholders, the Ministry of MSME is taking steps towards making these enterprises global and improving the overall business environment.

Digital Marketing during Covid-19 shouldn’t be ignored. One will gain more in better times if they cut less during downtime. Business online is the best way to make a profit at this time. Covid-19 has accelerated the influence of e-commerce across the world in a short period. This creates wide opportunities in the tech world, as everything is virtual in this generation.

Apart from the economic slowdown and uncertainty created due to the COVID-19, e-commerce players are expecting strong sales growth in 2021. The online grocery, e-pharmacy, social commerce and online shopping are expected to see an increased action in the year 2021. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) supports B2B (Business to business e-commerce firms, which helps the new players to set up their base. The flourishing of start-ups at this time will be a breakthrough for newcomers to the world of business. Social commerce is another platform from which many jobless graduates and non-graduates can make an entry into the market. Now, close to 100 per cent of pin codes in India are open to e-commerce. The Indian e-commerce economy is in a positively growing state. So, the future of e-commerce is safe in India.