Cloud Hosting


Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is an exquisite equilibrium between affordability and accessibility. It is where a site is warehoused on multiple servers, instead of one static server. Previously, if a server goes down, your site goes down along with it. But now, the prime advantage of using Cloud Hosting is that it avoids such scenarios being scalable, reliable and flexible.

Being the Top Cloud Hosting company , we at Dream World Technologies choose the right plan that suits a business. In case, if a brand needs to scale up for one month with a new campaign, we regulate accordingly. If there is no active campaign and we expect less traffic, we reduce the bandwidth and reduce the cost as well. Cloud Hosting gives an immense opportunity for brands to use it effectively, as and when they require anything and avoid paying for what is not used.

Why Dream World Technologies is the Best Cloud Hosting Company?

  • Speed and Quality
  • Best Features at Low Cost
  • Cloud Security
  • Collaboration
  • Real-time data analytics dashboard
  • Easy Access
  • Customized
  • Satisfied & Happy Client base
  • 24x7 Responsive Support

The global Cloud Market has been flourishing for the past 5 years, like never before. Cloud Hosting features include: Scale once for a campaign and get back to the standard rates at anytime, Pay only what you use and nothing extra, choose automated back-ups instead of manual and monotonous backing-up process, error-free and trouble-free management of resources, high security and best-in-class maintenance.

What do we do?

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Leveraging the cloud, by fully equipped servers where you can increase the CPU/RAM capabilities in order to handle sudden increase in traffic without any downtime, providing trusted cPanel access and management, increasing the loading speed and much more.

We take care of the entire hosting and management, while your brand reaches out to the maximum number of visitors without any hassle. Choose Dream World Technologies for your hosting related tasks, as we are one of the leading Cloud Hosting Companies , dealing with a plethora of happy clients with our management, maintenance and service. As many of the Cloud Hosting platforms come with free SSL certificates, it is even better to choose this mode of hosting.

Various Types of Cloud Hosting

We primarily operate on three types of Cloud Hosting: Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds. Public Cloud Hosting shares the infrastructure with various other users as well. It is easier to setup than the other two Cloud Hosting methods and it is so less expensive. Private Cloud Hosting doesn’t share the infrastructure with anybody whatsoever. It is located at the actual premise of the business and operates from there. High data privacy and user privacy are the two salient features of this mode. On the other hand, Hybrid Cloud Hosting is a combination of both private and public cloud, as the hardware and data are locally operated, and the other services are operated through online service providers separately. Depending upon the requirement and business needs, we recommend the right mode of Cloud Hosting with our expertise in the field.

We are known to be the Low Cost Cloud Hosting Company for our effective understanding of the business objective and our effective choice of the mode of Cloud Hosting.

When we compare Cloud Hosting with VPS Hosting, the results are amazing.

  • Speed – In VPS, the performance may lag due to excessive simultaneous activity on the same server, while in Cloud Hosting, theoretically it can scale to almost any limit.
  • Security – In VPS, unknown or untrusted users can infiltrate and run exploits on the platform. Incidents have been noted in the past. Data security is of paramount importance for Cloud Hosting platforms and they come with a free SSL certificate.
  • Simplicity – Cloud Hosting is simpler and easier to start and access, whereas VPS needs manual installation and time-consuming upgrades.
  • Pricing – Cloud Hosting offers pay-as-you-go plan, which allows users to pay only for what they have used, unlike VPS.

Would you like to choose Cloud Hosting for your website? You are at the right place.

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